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A cardboard tipi for your cat to play, hide and sleep

delphine courier

This stylish cardboard house does more than just give your cat a place to sleep. It gives them a sense of comfort and security, perfect to hide, sleep & play in, ànd it’s a ‘miwauwie’ eye-catcher in any interior.


cat tipi green
cat tipi green


cat tipi vanilla
cat tipi vanilla


A cardboard Cat Tipi ?! 

The what, why and how.

“As a cat owner, I frequently visit pet shops. During my latest visit, I was struck by all the outdated, furry and taste-less cat furniture that filled the shelves. When I got back home, I set out to create something that would satisfy both the needs of cats and my taste in design. Something that is cosy for my cat Gaspard (and every other cat) and matches my interior. I started experimenting with cardboard because, as every cat-owner knows, it’s their favorite material to sit on, hide in or rub against. I wanted something that symbolizes the adventurous side of cats. And so The Cat Tipi was born!” You can pre-order the Cat tipi on Kickstarter now.


Why Kickstarter?

Launching a new product on the market is very expensive and comes with a lot of costs: building prototypes, machines, prints, packaging, transport etc. Kickstarter can help me cover the start-up costs and kickstart production. Making kitties all over the world happy!

Product details 

The Cat Tipi is made of sturdy corrugated cardboard and has a firm cone-shape structure. So you can be sure it’s crazy-cat-proof! The cardboard has a laminated finish on the outside, so it’s easy to clean. The Cat Tipi is tested and approved by cat behavior expert Anneleen Bru.
 Founder and owner of Felinova, Cat Behavior Consulting. Also the cats of the Cat shelter in Ghent  and the cat bar Dreamcatchers have thoroughly tested the design. 
With an easy click system you can assemble the Cat Tipi in seconds. No glue, tape or handy friends needed. It is offered in a flat package, making it easy to transport.

100% cardboard teepee 

  • a cardboard bottom for an warm, insulated home

  • inside: brown cardboard: thickness carboard: 1,7 mm

  • outside: quadri print on white paper

  • 1 entrance, 1 exit, 1 peep and play hole 

  • 3 different prints: black, vanilla, green 

  • instructions included

  • dimensions: height 48 cm
 x width 51 cm
 x length 51 cm

  • Entrance 23,5 cm 

  • packaging: offered Flatpack

  • weight 650 gr bruto


cat tipi vanilla
cat tipi vanilla



The Cat Tipi by design for pussies

The Cat Tipi is a new product of the label 'Design for pussies’, a one-woman-operation. The design label is created by Belgian designer Delphine Courier. In 2014, the Cat cube, a geometrical cardboard house for cats was launched. Already more than +2000 cat cubes have been sold. In 2017 the collection was expanded with handmade leather collars for cats, with sassy quotes. The label is familiar with designing, manufacturing and distributing design object for cats. The brand focusses on creativity, exclusivity and cat-quality.

Products have been tested and approved by a fierce panel of cats & kittens ànd cat behaviour experts. 

“By providing cats with places to hide, sleep and play, you improve their mental and physical health. The Cat Tipi design stimulates mental and physical exercises in a natural way for cats of all ages. Reducing boredom, preventing unwanted ‘naughty’ behaviour and making cats feel right at home.”

We bring innovation into the pet industry by providing products that cats love as much as their owners. Combining the importance of behavioral science and visual design. The products respond todays interior trends and fit in any contemporary living room. 


We believe in protecting people, pussies and the planet. That’s why we only work with recyclable and non-toxic materials. Everything is produced locally, to maintain the lowest possible impact on the environment. 

The cat tipi team

Behind every great project, there’s an even greater team! So a big shout out to my loving family, talented friends and fierce pussies, who helped me with this project!


 Behind the scenes - the making of -

making of

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