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Cat collar


Inspired by the sassiness of my own cats, Gaspard and Pistache, a new collection of contemporary cat collars has been created. This collection transforms the willfulness and majestic nature of cats into a stylish accessory. If you are a cat person you'll certainly confirm the quotes:

"I'm not lazy, I just sleep before I get tired."
"Time spent with me is never wasted."
"I peed on the hamster."


The collars are unique and handmade in Belgium, produced in limited editions from best quality saddle leather which is robust enough inside and outdoors. Each collar contains a stainless buckle and a safety release breakaway buckle, so your cat can break free needed. The collars come in three different colors (peach, cognac, black) so there's always a color that matches your cat!

The collar features:

* strong and comfortable saddle leather from the best quality 
* a funny quote, cut by laser 
* a solid stainless brass buckle to adjust the collar on your cat, it will fit if the contour of the neck of your cat is between 20cm - 26cm
* a safety release 'breakaway' buckle for your cat's safety 
* available in three color options: peach - cognac - black

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