For cats & their friends - Shipping in 48h 

Cat tipi - vanilla



A cardboard tipi for your cat to hide, sleep and play.

This stylish cardboard house does more than just give your cat a place to sleep. It gives them a sense of comfort and security, perfect to hide, sleep & play in, ànd it’s a ‘miwauwie’ eye-catcher in any interior. The Cat Tipi is made of sturdy corrugated cardboard and has a firm cone- shape structure. So you can be sure it’s crazy-cat-proof! The cardboard has a laminated finish on the outside, so it’s easy to clean. With an easy click system you can assemble the Cat Tipi in seconds. No glue, tape or handy friends needed. It is offered in a flat package, making it easy to transport.

  • 100% cardboard, bottom included
  • Quadri print on white paper with lamination
  • 1 entrance, 1 exit, 1 peep and play hole 
  • 3 different prints: black, vanilla, green 
  • a DIY cat scratcher from packaging
  • instructions included 
  • a mini DIY cardboard dreamcatcher included 
  • 1 gram valerian root included
  • dimensions: height 48 cm x width 51 cm x length 51 cm 
  • Entrance 23,5 cm

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