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Cat cube Mint



 A safe place to hide, sleep and play

It is important to provide your cat with a place to hide which will help to make them feel safe and secure. There are many things that can cause a cat to feel anxious or fearful, such as loud noises, unfamiliar visitors or conflict with other cats. A hiding place can be something as simple as a cardboard box on its side, but maybe a very nice looking box?! The cat shouldn’t be disturbed while they are in their hiding place. The Catcube is a great solution for your the well being of your cat(s) in your house and looks well too.


The Cat Cube is made of sturdy corrugated cardboard that will stand up to kitty’s antics. The structure can handle quiet a lot of use and abuse. It is offered in a flat package, you don't need to be very crafty to put it together.

  • Dimensions: l: 55cm b: 55cm h:22 cm 
  • Diameter entrance 14,5 cm 
  • 3 Colour vatiants: White, mint, vanilla 
  • Discomented for cats who weight more than 7kg or are less than 3 months old
  • Handmade in Belgium 
  • Eco-friendly screenprint

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