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Wooly mouse

Wooly mouse

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These really are about as good as it gets, the Woolly Vole really brings out the natural hunting instinct of your cat.

NOTICE: this is a refill for the flying bird rod.

You can put life into the toy, so that the target at the end of the string can wiggle, creep, fly or dart around the room, or garden. Your cats' speed and grace will amaze you as they dash around trying to capture the prey!

The wooly mouse is made of 100% genuine soft shorn sheep wool with a leather tail.

Excellent realistic size approximately 5cm long x 3cm wide in body plus tail.

Made with the wool securely fixed to a soft leather strip running through the middle (No sharp metal bar!) The connection to the wand toy is via a  strong braided cord on the front securely fixed. This refill will take a beating!

Colours will vary slightly with Natural cream/ brown /grey / black combinations.

Simply clip on to play!


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